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Easily discover people that succeed before reading a single resume. Try PairMe, the success-predicting button you attach to your job postings.

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A simple candidate screening tool that quickly and easily filters out the duds in your applicant pool before reading any resumes. Removing the guess work in hiring – suggesting for interview ONLY candidates with the best fit.

What you get

More Money

Cost effective solution that provides an immediate ROI, by saving your company the cost of a bad hire, which is on average 30% of the employee's annual salary. Not to mention the lost in productivity, sales and brand reputation.

Candidate Insight

Results are presented to you in our quadrant dashboard categorizing candidates between the best and the worst fit revealing the total applicant picture for easy comparison.

More Time

Provides a shortlist of candidates to interview, making the hiring process more efficient. You'll spend less time reading resumes, interviewing less people and quickly identifying employees that are smart, hard working and requires less training time, but still deliver long term benefits to your company.

"CEO's email address" customer service

Real, friendly people who actually built the software will answer your email or pick up the phone. Try us.

No surprises

No small print. No contracts. No lock-in. You can pay by the month and we'll export your data when you want to leave.

Easy Setup in 5 Minutes

No manuals, no installations, no learning curves, you can use PrePairMe with no training. Add our success predicting "apply now" button to your job post or we can integrate with your company's ATS. All applicants are then immediately directed to take our assessment.

You are going to like it when you see your company grow because of the people you hired. Our scientific research gives you the unfair advantage over tradition employers.

PrePairMe is the eHarmony for hiring

We dig deep to discover undervalue talent you might otherwise have overlooked and pair them to careers that they'll excel in.

It's like having your own Executive Coach at your finger tips.


We make success easy by revealing a candidates natural abilities to help your company succeed. The PAIRS Quadrant helps you evaluate all job applicants and internal staff to determine their potential to be successful in any role or team in your company. Successful people operating in their natural gifts excel quicker, producing results with the least amount of effort. We created the first all-in-one assessment with just 16 questions that measures five factors of each job candidate; personality, drive, emotional intelligence, leadership and 16 character traits that help predict job performance and easily identify those candidates with the right fit. We test everyone, before reading any resumes and before conducting any interviews.

How it works

    Create your Job Profile

    For example, Sales Rep with 5 years experience and a bachelor degree.

    Add our “PairMe” quick apply button

    Add the button to your job post or we can integrate with your company’s ATS.

    We do the rest. Relax

    We screen job applicants for you. Just keep the pipeline full and we’ll send you the best.

Resumes don't tell the whole story

A candidate's education and experience has virtually no link to job performance, however most companies still rely solely on these subjective factors.

"89% of failed hires are due to attitude, not skill."- Leadership IQ

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